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Does Bitmain Mine Bitcoin?

In the early days of Bitcoin, mining was performed by individual computers running the Bitcoin software. Today, things have changed quite a bit.

The majority of mining is now done by large companies with very specialized equipment. One of the biggest of these companies is Bitmain, which operates several large mining facilities around the world.

NOTE: Warning: Bitmain does not directly mine Bitcoin. It manufactures and sells ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) chips and mining machines that are used for mining Bitcoin. These machines are not owned or operated by Bitmain. Therefore, please use caution when considering purchasing these machines from Bitmain.

Bitmain is also the largest manufacturer of Bitcoin mining hardware, producing the popular Antminer line of miners. In addition to operating mines, Bitmain also operates a large pool, Antpool, which is one of the biggest mining pools in existence.

So, does Bitmain mine Bitcoin? The answer is yes, Bitmain does mine Bitcoin. However, it should be noted that Bitmain does not mine all of the Bitcoin that it owns.

Instead, it uses a significant portion of its hashrate to power its mining pool, Antpool. This means that while Bitmain does mine Bitcoin, it doesn’t mine as much as it could if it were solely focused on mining.

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