We are excited to update the community on the recent additions and improvements to the MoneroV project. Be sure to get updated and check out the community & ambassador program, join the discussion on Telegram and follow us on Twitter.

The team and community are looking forward to expanding the adoption of XMV as a privacy cryptocurrency and blockchain project. You can take part by suggesting improvements, mining, spreading the word or by implementing the MonerovWP plugin on your website.

Daemon Connection Upgrade

The new version of the MoneroV daemon includes a new way to connect to the daemon that reuses a single point of connection rather than reconnecting every time the daemon is prompted to do so. This significantly speeds up the daemon connection and we suggest to update to the latest MoneroV version.

Proof of Work Hash added to RPC

The proof of work hash was added to the RPC and now the PoW is included for each block header and can be returned by the client RPC. This feature was requested by pools and other third parties can use it for their internal processes.

MoneroV Web Wallet Update

The MoneroV web wallet has been released several weeks ago and can be found on getmonerov.com. We have received notifications from users about graphical errors and loading issues with the Web Wallet. Please beware that this is a development version on mainnet. We advise you not to use the Web Wallet unless you know what you are doing. Additionally, please verify you are using the right url https://getmonerov.com. Any other web wallet out there is a phishing attempt to steal your XMV.

The MoneroV team does not store your private login key on the server, so there is no way to recover it if it is lost!  This convenience comes at a cost, there is considerable risk in using this service for any amount. For long-term storage of MoneroV you should preferably create a cold wallet. Our team will keep on improving the realise as with all other improvements to the blockchain and the project.

XMV Pools & Mining

The MoneroV network has been stabilized since launch with and keeping growth with both the distribution of hashrate, and supporting pools. Join a current pool, or add your own pool to the list of available pools available on miningpoolstats.stream/monerov

Additional updates:

  • Unit tests for 3rd party devices were added
  • Threaded v1 transaction verification was fixed
  • Multiple warning messages were added and fixed in wallet


Join the Team!

We are looking for talented individuals to join the expanding MoneroV team including:

  • C++ developer with at least two years of Qt experience and experience with blockchain protocols. Full or part-time work opportunity to work on the MoneroV GUI.
  • Community and outreach manager with proven knowledge working on a CryptoNote / Privacy based blockchain project. Help expand social media reach, outreach campaigns and be in charge of 3rd party merchant integration (to include XMV)  from start to finish.


Be sure to get in touch! Official MoneroV links:


Twitter (Community)

Official Website

Blockchain Explorer 




team [@] monerov.org

Official SubReddit

Official ANN Thread


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