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Can You Convert Dust to BNB on Binance Us?

Can You Convert Dust to Binance Us?

It’s a valid question with a simple answer: no, you can’t convert dust to Binance US. Dust, or “airdropped” tokens are tiny amounts of cryptocurrency that are often left over after a trade.

NOTE: WARNING: Converting dust to BNB on Binance US is not supported. The process for converting dust to BNB involves sending the dust tokens to another exchange, such as Binance, and then exchanging them for BNB. If you attempt to directly convert dust to BNB on Binance US, you will likely lose your funds.

They’re too small to sell or even transfer, and they clog up your wallet. So what can you do with them?.

The answer is: not much. You can’t convert them to Binance US or any other currency, so your best bet is to hold onto them and hope that their value goes up.

In the meantime, you can try to trade them for other assets on Binance or use them to pay fees. But be warned: if the value of your dust goes down, you could end up losing money.

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