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Can I Buy Akash on Coinbase?

As of right now, you cannot buy Akash on Coinbase. The only way to get Akash is to trade it on an exchange that supports the token. There are a few exchanges that do support Akash, but the most popular one is Binance.

If you want to buy Akash on Binance, you will first need to deposit some Bitcoin or Ethereum into your account. Once you have done that, you can go to the Akash/BTC trading pair and place an order.

NOTE: This is a warning note to inform you that “Can I Buy Akash” on Coinbase? is not a legitimate question. Coinbase does not offer trading in Akash, so any attempts to purchase it on Coinbase will be unsuccessful. Additionally, Coinbase does not currently provide any support for Akash-related transactions. Please do not attempt to buy or trade in Akash on Coinbase.

The reason why you cannot buy Akash on Coinbase is because the token is not yet listed on the exchange. Coinbase has been very selective about which tokens they list in the past, so there is a chance that Akash will eventually be listed.

However, there is no guarantee and it could take a while before that happens. In the meantime, you will need to use a different exchange if you want to trade Akash.

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