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Can Ethereum Network Be Hacked?

Ethereum, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, is often lauded for its security. But is the Ethereum network really hack-proof?

On June 17, 2016, a hacker exploited a vulnerability in the DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization built on the Ethereum network, to siphon off $50 million worth of ether. The DAO hack was a seminal moment in the history of Ethereum—it led to a hard fork of the Ethereum blockchain and the creation of Ethereum Classic (ETC).

NOTE: WARNING: The Ethereum network can be hacked and the user should take all necessary precautions to protect their assets. It is important to remember that no system is completely secure and that users should be aware of potential security risks. Additionally, users should always use secure wallets, use two-factor authentication, and never disclose private keys or account passwords.

Since then, the Ethereum Foundation has made great strides in shoring up the security of the Ethereum network. But vulnerabilities and exploits still exist.

In 2018, for example, a critical flaw in Parity Wallet’s multisig contract froze over $150 million worth of ether.

The bottom line is that no network is 100% secure. But the Ethereum network is far more secure than most, and its security is only getting better with time.

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