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Can Binance Keep Your Money?

Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, is under investigation by the Japanese financial regulator. The news sent shockwaves through the crypto community, with many wondering if their money is safe on the exchange.

Binance is no stranger to controversy. The exchange has been accused of everything from wash trading to allowing fake volume on its platform.

However, this latest investigation is the first time that Binance has come under scrutiny from a financial regulator.

The Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) is investigating whether Binance allowed Japanese citizens to trade on its platform without proper registration. If the FSA finds that Binance did indeed flout Japanese regulations, the exchange could be fined or even forced to shut down its operations in the country.

This news has caused many to question if their money is safe on Binance. After all, if the exchange is willing to flout regulations in one country, what’s to stop it from doing so in others?

The answer to this question lies in Binance’s business model. The exchange makes money by charging fees on trades.

It does not rely on deposits like a traditional bank. This means that even if Binance were to shut down its operations in one country, users would still be able to withdraw their funds.

So, while Binance may be embroiled in controversy at the moment, your money should still be safe on the exchange.

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